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Termite treatment and pest control in Canberra ACT. Pest control Canberra, termite baiting, spiders, rats, mice, carpet beetles, cockroaches, silverfish, mosquitoes, wood borers and bird pest control solutions. General pest eradications such as bed bug control canberra, bees, wasps, cockroaches and termites.

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    experience of 30 years combined experience in pest control business. Our speciality is in pests such as bed bugs, spiders, bees, wasps, cockroaches and termites. MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW
  • Canberra Termite Control
    A Termite Control Company can solve your problems of termites. Termites are insects that are attracted by wood or wood related products. To keep your home or factory termite proof, you should get rid of any timber piles, backyard debris including logs and sleepers and building refuse that you have been storing or meaning to dispose of. When construction or maintenance work is completed all left over materials such as wood waste is an attraction to termites.